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    mmc: extend mmcinfo output to show partition write reliability settings · 9e41a00b
    Diego Santa Cruz authored
    This extends the mmcinfo hardware partition info output to show
    partitions with write reliability enabled with the "WRREL" string.
    If the partition does not have write reliability enabled the "WRREL"
    string is omitted; this is analogous to the ehhanced attribute.
    Example output:
    Device: OMAP SD/MMC
    Manufacturer ID: fe
    OEM: 14e
    Name: MMC16
    Tran Speed: 52000000
    Rd Block Len: 512
    MMC version 4.41
    High Capacity: Yes
    Capacity: 13.8 GiB
    Bus Width: 4-bit
    Erase Group Size: 8 MiB
    HC WP Group Size: 16 MiB
    User Capacity: 13.8 GiB ENH WRREL
    User Enhanced Start: 0 Bytes
    User Enhanced Size: 512 MiB
    Boot Capacity: 16 MiB ENH
    RPMB Capacity: 128 KiB ENH
    GP1 Capacity: 64 MiB ENH WRREL
    GP2 Capacity: 64 MiB ENH WRREL
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDiego Santa Cruz <Diego.SantaCruz@spinetix.com>
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