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    kgdb: Remove first_entry for kgdb · f9f040b2
    Peng Fan authored
    There are two ways to run into handle_exception, run command 'kgdb' and
    encounter a breakpoint which triggers exception handling.
    The origin source code only saves regs when first run command 'kgdb'.
    Take the following for example, When run 'kgdb', regs is saved to entry_regs.
    When run 'bootz', regs is not saved. However, if we set a breakpoint, then
    continue. When breakpoint is reached, run `quit`, and Now return to the
    instruction which follows kgdb, but not bootz.This may cause errors. So,
    save regs for each handle_exception call to return to the correct place.
    Target      |    Host
    =>kgdb      |    (gdb)b bootz
                |    (gdb)c
    =>bootz     |
                |    (gdb)Here stop because of breakpoint
                |    (gdb)q
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPeng Fan <van.freenix@gmail.com>
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