Commit 8c600456 authored by Stephen Warren's avatar Stephen Warren Committed by Lukasz Majewski

ums: allow the user to specify the device type

Allow an optional devtype parameter to the ums command, which specifies
the type of the device to be exported. This could allow exporting a SATA
or even another USB device.

Cc: Lukasz Majewski <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
Acked-by: default avatarPrzemyslaw Marczak <>
parent 1725f128
......@@ -77,8 +77,13 @@ int do_usb_mass_storage(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag,
usb_controller = argv[1];
devtype = "mmc";
devnum = argv[2];
if (argc >= 4) {
devtype = argv[2];
devnum = argv[3];
} else {
devtype = "mmc";
devnum = argv[2];
ums = ums_init(devtype, devnum);
if (!ums)
......@@ -152,7 +157,8 @@ exit:
U_BOOT_CMD(ums, CONFIG_SYS_MAXARGS, 1, do_usb_mass_storage,
U_BOOT_CMD(ums, 4, 1, do_usb_mass_storage,
"Use the UMS [User Mass Storage]",
"ums <USB_controller> <mmc_dev> e.g. ums 0 0"
"ums <USB_controller> [<devtype>] <devnum> e.g. ums 0 mmc 0\n"
" devtype defaults to mmc"
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