Commit a98c296a authored by Philipp Tomsich's avatar Philipp Tomsich Committed by Hans de Goede

sunxi: enable SPL for sun9i

Now that DRAM initialization and clock setup is supported,
we can enable SPL for the A80.

[ Added commit message]
Signed-off-by: 's avatarChen-Yu Tsai <>
Acked-by: 's avatarHans de Goede <>
Signed-off-by: 's avatarHans de Goede <>
parent 7962a8d5
......@@ -119,6 +119,7 @@ config MACH_SUN9I
bool "sun9i (Allwinner A80)"
select CPU_V7
config MACH_SUN50I
bool "sun50i (Allwinner A64)"
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