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    powerpc: tqm834x: Fix build warnings in initdram() · 4019e54d
    Bin Meng authored
    With gcc 4.9, it produces the following warnings:
      CC      board/tqc/tqm834x/tqm834x.o
      board/tqc/tqm834x/tqm834x.c: In function 'initdram':
      board/tqc/tqm834x/tqm834x.c:325:12: warning: iteration 3u invokes undefined behavior [-Waggressive-loop-optimizations]
          (((base + size - 1) >> CSBNDS_EA_SHIFT) &
      board/tqc/tqm834x/tqm834x.c:80:2: note: containing loop
          for(cs = 0; cs < 4; ++cs) {
    There is an integer overflow when cs = 3. To fix it, change
    parameters of set_cs_bounds() to ulong.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarBin Meng <bmeng.cn@gmail.com>
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