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Issues for **core apps** can be filed in their respective existing repositories:
* [Libhandy]( - GTK+ library for developing UIs for applications
* [Calls]( - phone calling application
* [Chatty]( - messaging application
* [Phosh]( - shell
* [Virtboard]( - onscreen keyboard
Issues relating to **non-core apps** can be filed under:
* [Apps issues](
File an issue in this repo for issues pertaining to the general operating system of the Librem 5
# What problem did you encounter
## What is the actual behaviour?
## What is the expected behaviour?
## How to reproduce
Please provide steps to reproduce the issue. If it's a graphical issue please
attach screenshots.
# What hardware are you running on?
- [ ] amd64 qemu image
- [ ] Librem5 devkit
- [ ] other (please elaborate)
# Relevant OS information
## Which kernel are you using?
Please paste the output of ``uname -a`` below.
## Which OS are you using?
Please paste the output of ``cat /etc/os-release`` below.
## Any other information that may be helpful?
Depending on the nature of the issue, you may consider adding the output of:
* lsblk (for mounting issues)
* lsusb (for usb attachment issues)
* any journalctl logs that look suspicious
* etc.
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