Commit 160e4141 authored by Jacky Bai's avatar Jacky Bai

plat: imx8mn: Keep PLAT(SCU) domain on in wait mode temporarily

As the system is not stable when SCU power down is enabled in
WAIT mode, so just disbale it at present. Will enable it again
when finding out the root cause.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJacky Bai <>
parent 61bfded5
......@@ -391,13 +391,16 @@ void imx_set_cluster_powerdown(int last_core, uint8_t power_state)
/* L2 cache memory is on in WAIT mode */
if (is_local_state_off(power_state))
val |= (L2PGE | EN_PLAT_PDN);
#if 0
val |= EN_PLAT_PDN;
mmio_write_32(IMX_GPC_BASE + LPCR_A53_AD, val);
/* config SLOT for PLAT power up/down */
if (is_local_state_off(power_state))
} else {
/* clear the slot and ack for cluster power down */
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