Commit 81e9d726 authored by Jacky Bai's avatar Jacky Bai

plat: imx8mn: fix the m7 enable check on imx8mn

on i.MX8MN, use the 'CPU_WAIT' to check if the
M7 core is enabled or not, as M7 is always enabled
in SRC.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJacky Bai <>
parent 195c0283
......@@ -174,8 +174,7 @@ static unsigned int pu_domain_status;
bool imx_is_m4_enabled(void)
return !( mmio_read_32(IMX_SRC_BASE + M4RCR)
return !( mmio_read_32(IMX_IOMUX_GPR_BASE + 0x58) & 0x1);
#define M4_LPA_ACTIVE 0x5555
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