Commit 8ef22461 authored by Jacky Bai's avatar Jacky Bai

plat: imx8mn: enable rbc for low power mode

when PLAT(SCU) domain power down is enabled in
WAIT or STOP mode. enable RBC by default to make
sure SCU can be power down successfully even if
the wakeup IRQ is pending.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJacky Bai <>
parent 0ed39f19
......@@ -462,7 +462,7 @@ void imx_set_rbc_count(void)
val = mmio_read_32(IMX_GPC_BASE + SLPCR);
val |= SLPCR_RBC_EN;
val |= (0x8 << SLPCR_RBC_SHIFT);
val |= (0xa << SLPCR_RBC_SHIFT);
mmio_write_32(IMX_GPC_BASE + SLPCR, val);
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
#include <psci.h>
#include <mmio.h>
#include <soc.h>
#include <delay_timer.h>
#define SNVS_LPCR 0x38
......@@ -143,15 +144,16 @@ void imx_domain_suspend_finish(const psci_power_state_t *target_state)
/* clear the system wakeup setting */
imx_set_sys_wakeup(core_id, false);
if (!imx_is_m4_enabled() || !imx_m4_lpa_active())
/* check the cluster level power status */
if (!is_local_state_run(CLUSTER_PWR_STATE(target_state)))
if (!is_local_state_run(CLUSTER_PWR_STATE(target_state))) {
imx_set_cluster_powerdown(core_id, PSCI_LOCAL_STATE_RUN);
/* check the core level power status */
if (is_local_state_off(CORE_PWR_STATE(target_state))) {
......@@ -207,8 +209,17 @@ void __dead2 imx_system_off(void)
void __dead2 imx_pwr_domain_pwr_down_wfi(const psci_power_state_t *target_state)
if (is_local_state_off(CLUSTER_PWR_STATE(target_state))) {
* before enter WAIT or STOP mode with PLAT(SCU) power down,
* rbc count need to be enabled to make sure PLAT is
* power down successfully even if the the wakeup IRQ is pending
* early before the power down sequence. the RBC counter is
* drived by the 32K OSC, so delay 30us to make sure the counter
* is really running.
if (!is_local_state_run(CLUSTER_PWR_STATE(target_state))) {
while (1)
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