Commit f6661973 authored by Jacky Bai's avatar Jacky Bai

Revert "plat: imx8mn: Keep PLAT(SCU) domain on in wait mode temporarily"

This reverts commit 160e4141.
parent 8ef22461
......@@ -391,16 +391,13 @@ void imx_set_cluster_powerdown(int last_core, uint8_t power_state)
/* L2 cache memory is on in WAIT mode */
if (is_local_state_off(power_state))
val |= (L2PGE | EN_PLAT_PDN);
#if 0
val |= EN_PLAT_PDN;
mmio_write_32(IMX_GPC_BASE + LPCR_A53_AD, val);
/* config SLOT for PLAT power up/down */
if (is_local_state_off(power_state))
} else {
/* clear the slot and ack for cluster power down */
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