calls v0.1.6

calls (0.1.6) amber-phone; urgency=medium

[ Guido Günther ]

  • debian: Add gbp.conf. This makes correct taging so much simpler
  • po: Add plugins to POTFILES.skip. They're not meant to be translated
  • Drop translations from property names and descriptions. They're never used anywhere. (Closes: #155, #121)
  • po: Update pot file.
  • calls-contacts: Document lookup_phone_number. This makes sure we have clear ownership rules
  • calls-call-record-row: Ref the returned contact calls_contacts_lookup_phone_number is transfer-none
  • build: Specifify glib versions. This avoids deprecation warnings due to GTimeVal used in libebook-contacts.h
  • ringer: Make more functions static
  • ringer: Use libfeedback. This triggers e.g. haptic feeback as well and can later on be used for LED feedback. We can drop the audio theme setting completely since feedbackd picks up the global GNOME setting.
  • tests: Disable atk bridge. Otherwise this can trigger test failures. Similar to what we did in libhandy.
  • Show notification on missed calls (Closes: #153)

[ Zander Brown ]

  • po: Add British English translation

[ Antonio Pandolfo ]

  • po: Add Italian translation

[ Daniel Șerbănescu ]

  • po: Add Romanian translation

[ Valéry Febvre ]

  • po: Add French translation

[ Mohammed Sadiq ]

  • main-window: Don’t set program-name in about dialog program-name will be retrieved with g_get_application_name(). Let’s not do it explicitly so that there is one less string to translate
  • call-display: Use real ellipsis. See

[ Rafael Fontenelle ]

  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation

[ Scott Anecito ]

  • po: Add Japanese translation
  • po: Add ja.po to LINGUAS

[ Yuri Chornoivan ]

  • Use an ellipsis in translation for Ukrainian

[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]

  • record-store: Use g_autoptr(GError) to avoid having to g_error_free
  • Implement delete call with context menu on longpress (Closes: #154)

-- Guido Günther Thu, 11 Jun 2020 09:06:40 +0200