gnome-calls v0.3.3

gnome-calls (0.3.3) byzantium; urgency=medium

[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]

  • d/control: bump required libhandy
  • test: sip: Don't use DNS lookups
  • sip: fix typos
  • call-record: Get rid of macros
  • codestyle: get rid of CALLS_SET_PTR_PROPERTY macro
  • codestyle: align function prototypes in calls-origin header
  • codestyle: new-call-box
  • manager: g_assert in static functions
  • Revert "sip: build: depend on config.h"
  • build: separate version from the rest of the configuration data
  • ci: Generate code coverage reports
  • doc: Fix gtk-doc transfer annotations
  • call: doc: Indicate ownership in docstrings
  • manager: remove unused CallsProvider argument from functions
  • manager: add debug messages when adding or removing origins
  • README: Include code coverage badge
  • test: sip: Connect to state-changed signal
  • sip: origin: Fix nua_authenticate call
  • sip: media-pipeline: Fix memory leak
  • sip: media-pipeline: Fix memory leak in error path
  • flatpak: change URL for boost
  • sip: media-pipeline: Do not set the stream properties prematurely
  • Add CallsCredentials class and use it in CallsSipProvider
  • sip: origin: Use CallsCredentials and adapt to changes
  • Add CallsAccountInterface
  • sip: origin: Use CallsAccountState instead of SipAccountState
  • sip: origin: Implement CallsAccountsInterface
  • sip: provider: codestyle
  • sip: provider: return origin in calls_sip_provider_add_origin()
  • Add CallsAccountProviderInterface
  • sip: provider: Implement CallsAccountProvider interface
  • test: Add account tests

[ Mohammed Sadiq ]

  • build: Avoid building files multiple times

-- Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras Wed, 19 May 2021 18:10:31 +0200