Commit ee126b36 authored by Bob Ham's avatar Bob Ham

Merge branch 'wip/sadiq/fixes' into 'master'

new-call-box: Use nul-terminated string to set as buffer text

See merge request !42
parents 7481e022 d4b6e92f
Pipeline #4011 passed with stages
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......@@ -65,8 +65,9 @@ dial_pad_symbol_clicked_cb (CallsNewCallBox *self,
GtkEntryBuffer *buf = gtk_entry_get_buffer (GTK_ENTRY (self->number_entry));
guint len = gtk_entry_buffer_get_length (buf);
const gchar str[] = {symbol, '\0'};
gtk_entry_buffer_insert_text (buf, len, &symbol, 1);
gtk_entry_buffer_insert_text (buf, len, str, 1);
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