Commit b5d4f448 authored by Mohammed Sadiq's avatar Mohammed Sadiq
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history: Update thread_members when new message is added

We were not updating thread members and the members list were thus
almost always empty (Went unnoticed as we are not using thread members,
but shall be useful for matrix and SMS threads in the future)
parent 7be9a501
......@@ -2142,6 +2142,17 @@ history_add_message (ChattyHistory *self,
sender_id = insert_or_ignore_user (self, chatty_item_get_protocols (CHATTY_ITEM (chat)), who, task);
if (sender_id && direction == CHATTY_DIRECTION_IN) {
sqlite3_prepare_v2 (self->db,
"INSERT OR IGNORE INTO thread_members(thread_id,user_id) "
-1, &stmt, NULL);
history_bind_int (stmt, 1, thread_id, "binding when adding thread member");
history_bind_int (stmt, 2, sender_id, "binding when adding thread member");
sqlite3_step (stmt);
sqlite3_finalize (stmt);
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