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Update changelog and release 0.4.0

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chatty (0.4.0) byzantium; urgency=medium
* mm-chat: Fix a memory leak
* tests: Add mm-account test
* new-chat-dialog: List SMS account to add contacts
* new-chat-dialog: Improve 'Add in contacts' workflow
* window: Don't open next chat on deleting one when folded
* mm-chat: Send messages in the order they are added
* mm-chat: Add API to update db thread members
* mm-account: Refresh chat when modem is ready
* message-row: Ellipsize author label
* chat-view: Don't hide footers in outgoing SMS
* mm-account: Save failed to send messages on polkit errors
* mm-chat: Move update eds contact to a function
* mm-chat: Update eds contact on refresh
* window: Update chat view buttons on deleting chat
* chat-view: Fix view with no chat in non-folded mode
* mm-account: Update status based on modem state
* test: Fix memory leaks in history
* chat-view: Use the right sized arrays
* mm-account: Fix memory leaks
* account: Fix bounds of status property
* new-muc-dialog: Don't list accounts with unknown status
* new-chat-dialog: Don't list accounts with unknown status
* pp-account: Don't try disconnecting if account has an unknown status
-- Mohammed Sadiq <> Sat, 11 Sep 2021 15:25:36 +0530
chatty (0.4.0~beta3) byzantium; urgency=high
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
'chatty', 'c', 'cpp',
version: '0.4.0.beta3',
version: '0.4.0',
meson_version: '>= 0.46.0',
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