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  • v0.0.1   v0.0.1
    c2b6b063 · fix changelog date ·
  • v0.0.2   v0.0.2
    • Added app icon
    • Added purple-command support
    • Added SMS send receipts
    • Added application info to libpurple core
    • Fixed fatal-warnings issue related to markup parsing
    • Fixed segfault when last conversation was deleted in chats list
    • Replaced GtkSearchBar with HdySearchBar
    • Added handling for XMPP authorization requests
  • 0.0.3   0.0.3
    ea18edb6 · Bump version to 0.0.3 ·
    • Fixed issues #73 #75 #77
    • Added contacts list refresh handling
    • Added 'edit account' dialog
    • Replaced 'add account' view with dialog
    • Reworked 'add contact' view
    • Added setting for return=send message
    • Added setting for enabling/disabling message carbons
    • Added settings view
    • Added emoticon translation
    • Added support for sending typing messages
  • v0.0.4   v0.0.4
    1ffe759d · Bump version to 0.0.4 ·
    • Wrapped 'Preferences', 'New Direct Chat', 'Edit Account' and 'New Graup Chat' views with HdyDialog
    • Added new file chatty-dialogs.c that includes the handling for the new HdyDialogs
    • Introduced HdyLeaflet
    • Centered avatar-icon and contact name on msg-view header-bar
    • Added 'X' button to header-bar which is visible when msg-view is unfolded
    • Indicated selected chat in chats-list when msg-view is unfolded
    • Introduced XMPP multi user chat
  • v0.0.5   v0.0.5
    fe8e5b3d · Bump version to 0.0.5 ·
    • Added "Leave Chat" menu entry
    • Added handling and settings for messages from unknown users
    • Added group chat dialog
    • Fixed crash on conversation with not yet buddies
    • Added 'Welcome' dialog
    • Fixed issue #87 'Duplicated Jabber-IDs'
    • Fixed issue #54 'New accounts should be enabled'
    • Added bugfix: return to contacts list after new contact has been added
  • v0.0.6   v0.0.6
    c85d254b · Bump version to 0.0.6 ·
    • Set the spinner-widget for account-connection status active again
    • The first 'Chats' list entry will be selected after leaving/deleting a chat and at application start
    • Added HdyLeaflet notification handler for header bar update
    • Fixed issue #97 'Unsolicited chats get ignored'
    • Improved CSS styling of the message panel
    • Shows 'close' button when the leaflet is folded
  • v0.0.7   v0.0.7
    8d72e62a · Bump version to 0.0.7 ·
    • Added an application info dialog
    • Fixed a core dump issue which was caused by invoking another instance of Chatty
    • Chatty won't start anymore if another libpurple client, like Pidgin, is running already
  • v0.0.8   v0.0.8
    c1df5093 · Bump version to 0.0.8 ·
    • Change app name from Chatty to Chats
    • Fixed a bug that led to a crash when adding a new contact without an active acount
    • Added upport for XMPP http file upload plugin
    • Chats switches directly to the conversation view when a new contact is added
    • Added conversation notifications
    • Added notifications for XMPP account and modem (re)connections
    • Set first account in the 'Add New Chat' dialog as default
    • Added timestamp to incoming messages
    • Added daemon mode
    • Added support for SMS uri scheme
    • Added handling for libpurple TLS notifications
    • Added dialog for TLS connection handling
    • Improved connection handling
    • Added spinner for connection status to each entry in the accounts list
    • Reworked connection error dialog
    • Added OMEMO fingerprints and device IDs to the XMPP account info dialog and the chat details dialog
    • Added phone number formatting according to E164
    • Added lazy-loading for the chat history
    • Added gtk_about_dialog
    • Added auto reconnect for SMS and IM accounts
    • Replaced purple conversation logging by SQLite based logging
    • Added acount setup verification
    • Fixed many visual bugs in the UI
  • v0.1.0   librem5-base v0.1.0
    9949da07 · Release version 0.1.0 ·