Commit 6a07ce4d authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther

chatty-conversation: Don't crash on conversation with not yet buddies

If someone sends messages but is not yet a buddy chatty would crash
since purple_find_buddy returns NULL. Handle that by using the
conversation name.

Closes: #82
parent 5e090443
......@@ -1067,6 +1067,7 @@ chatty_conv_add_message_history_to_conv (gpointer data)
GList *msgs = NULL;
ChattyLog *log_data = NULL;
PurpleAccount *account;
PurpleBuddy *buddy;
g_autofree gchar *name = NULL;
const gchar *conv_name;
const gchar *b_name;
......@@ -1094,7 +1095,14 @@ chatty_conv_add_message_history_to_conv (gpointer data)
return FALSE;
b_name = purple_buddy_get_alias (purple_find_buddy (account, conv_name));
buddy = purple_find_buddy (account, conv_name);
if (!buddy) {
/* Not in buddy list yet */
b_name = conv_name;
} else {
b_name = purple_buddy_get_alias (buddy);
line_split = g_strsplit (b_name, "/", -1);
name = g_strdup (line_split[0]);
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