1. 16 Mar, 2021 5 commits
  2. 12 Mar, 2021 4 commits
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      Prepare 3.38.3 · 1c87559f
      Michael Catanzaro authored
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      Silence deprecation warnings · ae79d02b
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      Our CI uses -Werror and so is failing on the stable branch. These
      function calls are already removed on master.
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      Revert "embed-prefs: Disable automatic window open via javascript" · 788d7a8c
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This reverts commit b37ef802.
      Looks like we were too aggressive here. WebKit's default behavior may
      not actually be suitable for browsers. It broke the VMWare vSphere web
      Fixes #1467
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      Fix potential loss of session state when web process is unresponsive · 3ee42350
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      If any web process is unresponsive when the window is closed using the
      close button in the header bar -- not Ctrl+Q -- then the entire session
      state is lost. Disaster! This happens to me three or four times per
      year, and it is sad because it inevitably results in me forgetting
      important things I had to do.
      Anyway, the problem is our code to handle an unresponsive web process.
      We'd like to cancel the JavaScript execution using
      g_cancellable_cancel(), but it doesn't work because the underlying
      WebKit operation is not actually cancellable, so instead we use a big
      hammer and gtk_widget_destroy() the EphyWebView. Then when we wind up
      closing the session later, there are no tabs open and nothing to save.
      It was tricky to figure out how to fix this, because the only way to
      truly cancel the operation is to destroy the web view, and if we do that
      then we have to close the session first to avoid losing tabs, but the
      user could legitimately choose to reject a modified forms close
      confirmation warning, in which case they would wind up using Epiphany
      after the session is closed, meaning all subsequent changes to open tabs
      would be lost since they won't be saved after the session is closed.
      Eventually I realized that we can just move the timeout from EphyWindow
      -- where it's handled in two separate places, once for closing a single
      tab, and once for closing an entire window -- down into EphyWebView
      itself. This solves all our problems because now EphyWindow can assume
      the JS execution always completes in a reasonable time.
      I tested this by changing the call to
      webkit_web_view_run_javascript_in_world() in
      ephy_web_view_has_modified_forms() to execute a while(true) loop.
      Without the other changes, the session state is lost if closing the
      window using the close button in the header bar. With this patch, the
      session state is no longer lost.
      Fixes #1445
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      find-toolbar: Select pre-filled text in search field · 06b7ea76
      Benjamin Berg authored
      With commit 809d76e6 (Pre-fill search field with current selected
      text) focused text from the website will be pre-filled into the search
      entry. This is great, but even though the entry is focused, one cannot
      simply start typing to update the search text.
      Improve this user interaction by selecting the pre-filled text.
      Related: #809
      (cherry picked from commit 05276770)
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