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gcr 3.33.4:
- Move from intltool to gettext [GNOME/gcr#18]
- Fix parameter type for signal handler causing stack smashing on ppc64le [GNOME/gcr!16]
- cleanup: Don't use deprecated g_type_class_add_private() anymore [GNOME/gcr!12]
- Fix GIR annotations [GNOME/gcr!10]
- Fix hashtable ordering assumptions [GNOME/gcr!9]
- build: Fix gcr-trust symbols not appearing in GIR, and hence also VAPI [GNOME/gcr!7]
- Update gcr_pkcs11_get_trust_{store|lookup}_slot URI checks [GNOME/gcr!5]
- build: Update tap scripts for Python 3 compat [GNOME/gcr!2]
- Updated translations