Commit 42e80694 authored by Alaric Senat's avatar Alaric Senat Committed by Alaric Senat
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FakePersonaStore: Make sure the Postal Address isn't empty before submitting it to Folks

parent 74df8bc2
......@@ -474,8 +474,7 @@ PostalAddressDetails
var original = (Set<PostalAddressFieldDetails>) new_value;
var copy = new HashSet<PostalAddressFieldDetails> ();
foreach (var e in original) {
// TODO: make sure that the Postal Address isn't empty
if (e.value != null)
if (e.value != null && !e.value.is_empty ())
copy.add (new PostalAddressFieldDetails (e.value, e.parameters));
yield ((PostalAddressDetails) persona).change_postal_addresses (copy);
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