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Release stable version 3.38

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<release date="2020-09-19" version="3.38">
Version 3.38 is a stable release, with the following major
improvements since 3.36:
<li>Editing contacts from a Nextcloud account improved</li>
In some setups, Contacts confused typing 'N' with Ctrl+N,
creating a new contact. This should no longer be the case
<li>Fixed: sometimes the Contacts icon is not shown properly</li>
<li>Virtual keyboards can adapt themselves on the "Name" field</li>
<li>Contacts switched to the stable libhandy release</li>
<li>Cheese is now an optional dependency</li>
<p>This release also updates translations in several languages</p>
<release date="2020-08-24" version="3.37.2">
project('gnome-contacts', [ 'vala', 'c' ],
version: '3.37.2',
version: '3.38',
license: 'GPL2+',
meson_version: '>= 0.50',
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