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docs: Add feedbackd manpage

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<refentry id="gtester">
<refmiscinfo class="manual">User Commands</refmiscinfo>
<arg choice="opt" rep="repeat">OPTION</arg>
<command>feedbackd</command> is a daemon that runs in the users
session to trigger event feedback such as playing a sound, trigger
a haptic motor or blink a LED.
The feedback triggerd by a given event is determined by the feedback
them in use. Events are submitted via a DBus API. For details
refer to the event and feedback theme specs at
<ulink url=""/>
<term><option>-h</option>, <option>--help</option></term>
print help and exit
<refsect1><title>See also</title>
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ endif
if get_option('man')
manpages = [
xsltproc = find_program('xsltproc', required : true)
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