Commit def2a2f8 authored by David Boddie's avatar David Boddie

Update the text to indicate later displays will work

parent d55b9031
......@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@ the Librem 5 can be found in the lists of issues for the `OS Issues`_ and
* The attached display does not function correctly at the time of writing
(2018-12-09), so an external display is required for development of
graphical applications. See `this issue <>`_
for details.
* Development boards shipped before 2019-01-15 have a non-functioning display
(see `this issue <>`_).
Boards shipped after this date can be configured to use the LCD display by
following :ref:`these instructions <imx8_devkit_lcd_display>`.
* The sshd daemon can take up to 480 seconds to start after boot -- see
`linux-emcraft issue 2`_ for details.
......@@ -270,6 +270,8 @@ The serial console should appear at ``/dev/ttyACM0``, and a new newtwork interfa
As usual, don't hesitate to `get in touch`_ if you find yourself stuck.
.. _imx8_devkit_lcd_display:
LCD Display
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