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.. _workstation:


Application development for the Librem 5 is not tied to a particular set of
technologies. However, for simplicity, we recommend that you use the same set
of tools and libraries that the Librem 5 developers have used.

The default development environment is based on the GNOME software stack to
match the software provided on the phone itself. Users who have installed
Plasma Mobile as their preferred environment may wish to use tools from the KDE
project instead.

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Where appropriate you can use the versions of these that are provided with your
operating system. However, it may be necessary to install more up-to-date
versions of some tools when new features are needed. The preferred method for
doing this is to use Flatpak to install sandboxed versions of the required
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Once you have set up the development tools for your workstation, you can start
exploring :ref:`app_development` for the Librem 5.