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Report an Issue
Issues for the Librem 5 project are kept track of in our `GitLab instance <>`_. This page aims to help you navigate where to find already existing issues and file new ones.
Some common scenarios would be:
* You have a problem to report in the *operating system*
* You have a problem to report in a *specific application*
.. note:: Remember that to avoid duplicate issues, you should *always* search for the existing issue first before filing a new one.
Issue in the Operating System
Issues for the **base OS** will be tracked in `OS_issues <>`_. Your issue would go here if you have a concern with something that is *not application specific*.
Some examples would be:
* boot issues
* kernel crashes
* trouble installing packages
Issue in Librem 5 Application
First, you will need to identify what type of application your issue is related to. There are two types of Librem 5 applications:
1. Base applications that the Librem 5 team has added and would have its own repository
2. Other applications
Base Applications
Issues for **base applications** should be filed under the issues for that repository.
An example of a **base application** would be:
* If you have an issue with the `calls application <>`_ then you would file your issue under the `calls issues <>`_.
For a list of these base applications, see `Apps_issues README <>`_. You can also search `the existing GitLab repositories <>`_.
Other Applications
Issues for **other applications** will be tracked in `Apps_issues <>`_. Your issue would go here if you have a concern with a phone application for which there is no *base application* corresponding repository.
Some examples of *other application* issues would be:
* You wish there were X application available for the phone and want to file an issue about it in hopes someone creates it.
* You have an issue with X application that has been added for the phone and there is not a specific GitLab repository for said *base application*
If you would like to work on any of these issues, please see our :ref:`working on issues <working-on-issues>` section.
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