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devkit: Describe first run procedure

Caution: this procedure is written with an image that a minority of dev kits ship with
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......@@ -53,6 +53,15 @@ The dev kit accepts the following items, not included in the package:
Notably, the dev kit has an Ethernet port, a single USB-C port, and a Mini-HDMI port.
The attached display doesn't function correctly at the time of the writing (2018-12-09), so an external display is highly recommended.
Test run
Plug the dev kit to a network using the Ethernet socket. Connect the board to the provided power supply using the provided cable. Two green LEDs will immediately light up between the SoM and the battery holder.
After a moment, the orange Ethernet light should start blinking. Soon, the vibration motor will give a short burst, as the MMC image is loading. If the Ethernet cable is attached and a DNS server is running, the board will automatically obtain an address. It will returns pings, and after a couple minutes, a SSH connection will be possible. Use `root` as the user and the password.
Note: the HDMI display will not be used by the dev kit even if plugged.
Connecting the Board to a Power Supply
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