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Update hardware information

- Split devkit and phone
- Use consistent capitlization
- Move CPU/RAM/storage to top
- Fill in some details and remove duplicates

As follow ups we might want to split out individual sections and add
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......@@ -10,52 +10,54 @@ developer kit and phone. The following list is a placeholder that will be
replaced with individual sections. It is based on the information about the
developer kits contained in `this blog post <>`_.
* 10/100 Ethernet
Librem 5 Devkit
* Customer grade i.MX 8M Quad CPU (4 cores)
* Vivante GC7000Lite graphics
* 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
* 32 GB eMMC
* SDCard slot
* SIM Card slot
* Smart card reader and smart card slot
* Charging and running from a 18650 battery (battery not included)
* HDMI output via Mini-HDMI
* Rocktech JH057N00900 MIPI DSI LCD panel: 720x1440 pixels and touch
* MIPI CSI Camera
* Hardware kill switches for
* WWAN (Modem)
* Wifi/Bluetooth
* Microphone
* On-board microphone and speaker
* External microphone and speaker via 3.5mm jack
* Audio Codec
* Bluetooth I2S interface
* Bluetooth (UART4)
* Camera (MIPI CSI)
* Charge Controller
* Charge controller's thermistor
* Display's LED backlight
* Earpiece speaker
* eMMC boot (boot mode switch in the "up" position)
* External microphone
* GNSS (UART interface and antenna)
* Haptic motor
* hardware kill switches for WiFi / BT and microphone
* headphones detect (HP_DET)
* Headphone speakers
* Headset microphone
* IMU (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer)
* Microphone select IC
* Mini-HDMI
* MIPI DSI LCD panel
* On-board microphone
* Power indicator LEDs
* Powering from 18650 battery
* JTAG port
* Proximity / ambient light sensor
* push buttons (power button, reset button, volume up, volume down)
* RedPine WiFi/BT M.2 module on SDIO
* Safely charging an 18650 battery
* Serial Downloader (loading u-boot via USB)
* Smart card reader and smart card slot
* SoM (pinout mostly validated, SoC, eMMC, and PMIC working)
* Simcom WWAN module
* Real Time Clock (RTC)
* Serial Downloader support (loading u-boot via USB)
* SPI NOR Flash
* Touch controller
* UART Debug
* USB-C role switching
* USB-C port including USB-C role switching
* USB Hub and SD controller
* User LED
* WLAN/BT antennae
* WWAN hardware kill switch
* WWAN I2S interface
* WWAN module, SIM card and antenna
* UART Debug
* LEDs
Additional sections may also cover these components:
* Power indicator
* User controllable LED
* Audio jacks - headphone, microphone
* Modem
Librem 5 Phone
note:: This section is subject to updates and revisions prior to the phone's
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