Commit 3470441f authored by Heather Ellsworth's avatar Heather Ellsworth Committed by David Boddie

Remove free email option

Since the Librem One services have launched, we should not offer a
free email option.
parent 5e3666e7
......@@ -19,14 +19,3 @@ Together, we want to improve PureOS for the Librem 5 and there are several ways
Whether it be porting/writing apps, finding defects, writing tutorials, or anything else you can think of.. you are helping the community produce a completely open source phone. We look forward to your help making technical piece of art that respects your freedom.
Note: To include your app in PureOS, please see :ref:`publishing_apps`.
Getting your own email account
If you do not trust the common email providers such as Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and would like your own email address hosted by us, you can request an email account. Just send us an email: and we'll get you all setup with your email account. Be sure to include the following in your email:
* Full name
* Personal email
Then the admins will create an account for you in the form of and contact you when it is ready to use.
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