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.. contents::
Dev kit package
The package contains:
- Receipts
- An informational leaflet
- A 3A@5V USB power supply with a USB-A (non-SS) socket
- A cable with a USB-A (non-SS) plug on one side and a USB-C plug on the other
- The dev board, composed of the following detachable parts:
- The base board, AKA Librem 5 Dev Kit v1.0.0
- The display
- The SIM7100E modem in the Europe version, with an antenna cable attached
- The EmCraft SoM with a Quad iMX8M
- A camera module marked TRULY-M (covered with a paper protector)
- The RedPine Signals WiFi/BT module with 2 antenna cables attached
The dev kit accepts the following items, not included in the package:
- a 18650 LiPoly battery
- a MicroSD card
- a Mini-SIM card (15×12mm)
- a smart card (TODO: what type?)
Notably, the dev kit has an Ethernet port, a single USB-C port, and a Mini-HDMI port.
Connecting the Board to a Power Supply
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