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How To Guides
This page contains short guides to help with common use cases and describe
how to perform routine tasks.
SSH Access and X11 Forwarding
Once you have networking set up for the development board, you should be able
to log in using ``ssh`` once the OpenSSH daemon has started. This may take
some time due to a lack of entropy (see `linux-emcraft issue 2`_ for details).
Log in to the board using one of the network connections (Wi-Fi or Ethernet).
Install the ``xauth`` package to enable X11 forwarding and check that the
``/etc/ssh/sshd_config`` file contains the following line::
X11Forwarding yes
Log out and log in again using ``ssh -X`` and check that the environment has
the ``DISPLAY`` variable set.
To run a GNOME application, like `gnome-chess`, on the board while displaying
the output on a workstation running an X server, set the ``GDK_BACKEND``
environment variable [#]_ when running the executable, like this::
GDK_BACKEND=x11 gnome-chess
The application should appear on the workstation's screen.
.. [#] Described in the `Running GTK+ Applications`_ GNOME developer document.
USB Access
......@@ -30,3 +59,5 @@ before following these steps.
3. Attach power to the USB C hub.
4. Plug in USB devices and they should appear in the output of the ``dmesg``
and ``lsusb`` tools.
.. include:: /links.rst
......@@ -85,4 +85,5 @@ whether user space software is in place to drive it.
.. _`Apps Issues`:
.. _`OS Issues`:
.. _`open devkit issues`:
.. _`linux-emcraft issue 2`:
.. include:: /links.rst
......@@ -29,9 +29,11 @@
.. _libhandy documentation :
.. _libhandy website :
.. _`linux-emcraft issue 2`:
.. _`Meson`:
.. _`Ninja`:
.. _`PureOS`:
.. _`Running GTK+ Applications`:
.. _`FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH(50) (Touch)`:
.. _`74LVC2G241DC,125`:
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