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......@@ -5,12 +5,70 @@ Known Issues
.. note:: This section is incomplete and is being revised.
This page will either contain a list of issues that were known at the time of
the kit's release or a link to an issue tracker where they are being collected.
This page will contain a list of issues that were known at the time of the
kit's release, providing links to issue trackers where relevant.
Known issues with the operating system and applications under development for
the Librem 5 can be found in the lists of issues for the `OS Issues`_ and
`Apps Issues`_ repositories.
Status of Subsystems
The following table shows the status of the subsystems on the development
board, indicating the level to which the hardware has been validated and
whether user space software is in place to drive it.
.. csv-table:: Status of subsystems
:header: "Subystem", "Validated", "Integrated"
"Charge Controller", "Yes", ""
"USB-C", "Yes", ""
"Serial Downloader", "Yes", ""
"eMMC boot", "Yes", ""
"SoM - with 3GB RAM, 32GB eMMC", "Yes", ""
"UART Debug", "Yes", ""
"Powering from 18650 battery", "Yes", ""
"Charge controller's thermistor", "Yes", ""
"Ethernet", "Yes", ""
"Audio Codec", "Yes", ""
"Mini-HDMI", "Yes", ""
"WWAN module", "Yes", ""
"WWAN antenna", "Yes", ""
"SIM card (able to make a call)", "Yes", ""
"WWAN kill via GPIO3_IO04 (420 in Linux) & HKS", "Yes", ""
"GNSS (aka GPS)", "Yes", ""
"USB Hub and micro-SD", "Yes", ""
"USB Host", "Yes", ""
"USB Peripheral", "Yes", ""
"RedPine WiFi/BT M.2 module", "Yes", ""
"RTC", "Yes", ""
"Haptic motor", "Yes", ""
"buttons (power button, reset button, volume up, volume down)", "Yes", ""
"User LED", "Yes", ""
"Power indicator LEDs", "Yes", ""
"HP_DET", "Yes", ""
"Display's LED backlight", "Yes", ""
"SPI NOR Flash", "Yes", ""
"Speaker", "Yes", ""
"Headphone jack", "Yes", ""
"Smart card reader", "Yes", ""
"Touch controller", "Yes", ""
"JTAG", "Yes", ""
"IMU", "Partially", ""
"Proximity/Ambient light sensor", "Partially", ""
"WLAN/BT antennae", "Partially", ""
"On-board microphone", "Partially", ""
"Headset microphone", "Partially", ""
"HKSs", "Partially", ""
"MIPI DSI LCD panel", "Partially", ""
"USB-C role switching", "No", ""
"Microphone select IC", "No", ""
"Bluetooth (UART4)", "No", ""
"Camera", "No", ""
"USB OTG", "No", ""
"WWAN I2S interface", "No", ""
"Bluetooth I2S interface", "No", ""
.. _`Apps Issues`:
.. _`OS Issues`:
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