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.. _devkit_ethernet_usb:
Ethernet over USB
......@@ -175,35 +175,20 @@ directory and flash the eMMC, then re-flash it later as required.
It can also be useful to use the ``--skip-flash`` if you only want to download
the files without flashing the eMMC.
Booting for the First Time
Flip the boot switch back to eMMC position and press the reboot button. The
output of the ``lsusb`` command should show a multifunction gadget, like this::
Bus 003 Device 068: ID 1d6b:0104 Linux Foundation Multifunction Composite Gadget
The serial console should appear at ``/dev/ttyACM0``, and a new newtwork interface will appear, confirming a successful reflash.
The serial console should appear at ``/dev/ttyACM0``. The board should also be available as a USB network device -- see the :ref:`devkit_ethernet_usb` guide for setup instructions.
As usual, don't hesitate to `get in touch`_ if you find yourself stuck.
.. _imx8_devkit_lcd_display:
Power on/off
On a development kit with an operating system installed, if the user holds the
power button for ~2 seconds then a power down/reboot dialog should pop up; a
quick press and release should turn the display on/off.
If the button is held for ~5 seconds the SoC triggers an event to shut down;
pressing it again for ~2 seconds will turn it back on.
The button is also attached to the charge controller's QON# pin, which when
held for ~15 seconds is able to put the dev kit into a "shipping mode" where
the charge controller is completely off, or holding it for ~18 seconds will
cause it to perform a complete power cycle.
Next Steps
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