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    Make the backlight boost converter compensation capacitor (C459) 10nF instead... · 9234b540
    Eric Kuzmenko authored
    Make the backlight boost converter compensation capacitor (C459) 10nF instead of 100nF (was a typo), make the charge controller's PMID capacitor (C302) 10uF instead of 8.2uF since it is a more common value and is what is being used on the charge controller's eval board, select a 10uF 0603 X5R capacitor rated for 25V for both the PMID cap and the 10uF cap on VBUS, update the .ods BoM with tolerances & ratings for the caps and resistors which will be supplied by the PCBA house, export the component-placement-list file (dvk-mx8m-bsb-all.pos) which gives the coordinates of all components with respect to the top-left fiducial mark, re-export the gerbers for preliminary review (add silkscreen which states that this is preliminary instead of a version number), make a few minor improvements to the board's routing in various spots, update the IMU footprint so that its silkscreen which gives the axis directions is visible on the board, some footprints were updated to be defined as SMD footprints in order to show up on the component-placement list (strictly through-hole components are not listed)
    The 0603 10uF 25V caps have been ordered and will be shipped to wherever the assembly is done. This commit contains the preliminary materials which will be reviewed (BoM, .pos file, and gerbers all zipped).