Commit 36a3ef3e authored by Eric Kuzmenko's avatar Eric Kuzmenko
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Make a few minor adjustments and re-route GND nets that were removed from the new display position

parent df4666a7
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(module JH057N00900 (layer F.Cu) (tedit 5B6B10C4)
(module JH057N00900 (layer F.Cu) (tedit 5B6B4543)
(descr "Imported from /home/christian/Bilder/Display_back_vector.svg")
(tags svg2mod)
(attr smd)
(fp_text reference JH057N00900 (at 0 -10) (layer F.SilkS) hide
(fp_text reference JH057N00900 (at 0 -10) (layer F.Fab) hide
(effects (font (size 1.5 1.5) (thickness 0.3)))
(fp_text value REF** (at 0 8) (layer F.SilkS) hide
(fp_text value REF** (at 0 10) (layer F.SilkS) hide
(effects (font (size 1.5 1.5) (thickness 0.3)))
(fp_line (start 24.357133 89.617729) (end 18.404007 89.617734) (layer F.Fab) (width 0.150019))
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