Commit cabdf6ab authored by Eric Kuzmenko's avatar Eric Kuzmenko
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Update MX25L1606EZNI's land pattern reference page to being 56 instead of 4

MX25L1606EZNI's land description explicitly states "Avoid placing vias or traces underneath the metal pad." This means that the exposed pad will need to be connected to ground through the top layer (and vias in other locations on the board, not at the exposed pad).
parent e6918e00
(module MX25L1606EZNI (layer F.Cu) (tedit 5B28001B)
(descr "Page 4,%203V,%2016Mb,%20v1.9.pdf,")
(descr "Page 56,%203V,%2016Mb,%20v1.9.pdf,")
(tags MX25L1606EZNI)
(attr smd)
(fp_text reference REF** (at 0 -3.575) (layer F.SilkS)
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