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      README: Add explanation on custom theme paths · b4546808
      Andreas Hartmann authored
      The README currently states that feedbackd uses the `default.json` theme, whose
      location is hardcoded into the application. This doesn't reflect the current
      state of the code.
      Explain the ability to add custom themes and give some examples to the user.
      Also mention the `feedbackd-device-themes` repository explicitly for users
      looking to modify the current `default.json` theme. Adds explanations about the
      correct naming of custom theme files and theme file precedence when multiple
      themes exist.
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      fbd-feedback-manager: Make sure theme path components are '/' separated · 1c534640
      Andreas Hartmann authored
      Previously, assembly of the theme paths for custom paths (based on
      `XDG_DATA_DIRS`) was performed using `g_strconcat`, which produced erroneous
      file paths with missing path separators due to a typo in the code.
      Instead, make use of `g_build_filename` to assemble the theme paths from
      `XDG_DATA_DIRS` to look for custom themes, which automatically introduces
      host-specific path separators between individual path components. This
      introduces another temporary variable to ensure that the filename (which is
      itself assembled from a name and the file ending) isn't mangled by introduction
      of a path separator between these two "parts".
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    • Clayton Craft's avatar
      fbd-ledctrl: fix matching of trigger in list of triggers · 2674654c
      Clayton Craft authored
      If the trigger is the last thing in sysfs_path/LED_TRIGGER_ATTR, then
      the new-line at the end of the output causes g_strv_contains to fail to
      find the trigger in the list. This strips the new-line before splitting
      the output into a list for searching.
      You can see the problem this patch fixes with the librem 5, by:
      $ rmmod ledtrig-timer     # or whatever is listed at the end, so 'pattern' is the last thing
      $ cat /sys/devices/platform/pwmleds/leds/blue:status/trigger
      [none] kbd-scrolllock ... pattern
      $ fbd-ledctrl -p /sys/devices/platform/pwmleds/leds/blue:status -t pattern
      Failed to set perms of /sys/devices/platform/pwmleds/leds/blue:status/pattern to 101: No such file or directory
      $ modprobe ledtrig-timer
      $ cat /sys/devices/platform/pwmleds/leds/blue:status/trigger
      [none] kbd-scrolllock ... pattern timer
      $ fbd-ledctrl -p /sys/devices/platform/pwmleds/leds/blue:status -t pattern
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      feedback-manager: Fix formatting · 40d318c9
      Guido Gunther authored
      It was off in several places. Now that there's no outstanding
      MRs clean it up via
         uncrustify --replace -c phosh.cfg src/fbd-feedback-manager.c
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