feedbackd v0.0.0+git20200304

[ Guido Günther ]

  • libfeedback: Drop trailing semicolon. Trips up some compilers. Thanks to Andrea Schaefer
  • build: Don't add lfb-enums.c to list of generated sources. Otherwise when used as a subproject the master project will try to rebuild with it's own set of flags. These lack LIBFEEDBACK_COMPILATION which does not end well.
  • Fix typos
  • theme: Add timeout-completed event for alarms and stop watches
  • Update docs (Closes: #4, #8)
  • debian: Split out shared files. This allows other programs (like gnome-control-center) to consume the settings schema without having to depend on the daemon itself.

[ Rasmus Thomsen ]

  • fbd-feedback-profile: use G_GSIZE_FORMAT instead of hardcoding lu. On 32-bit platforms lu doesn't apply since GType is defined as a gsize fixes #15