Commit a58620cd authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther

Version 0.1.0

- Export config as JSON since this is diffable
- Created with 6.1.1 of TIs tool
- 0x06: Set custom user word 2 to L5DP and Customer use word 1 to
  0x00000100 so the last three bytes make up the version number
- 0x16: enable all irqs for i2c1
- 0x17: disable all IRQs for i2c2
- 0x29: Drop some UFD config
- 0x29: Disable USB 2.0 and RP path, USB2 is not routed via tps65892
  This way we can leave it off when only charging.
- 0x29: Process Swap To Source
- 0x29 Process Swap to UFP
- 0x29: Enable automatic sink capabilities request
- 0x33: Enable a 12V PDO with 1A default current
- 0x47: Add UFP identity objects
- 0x51: Enable pinouts we can support
- 0x51: Use DP 1.3 signaling only
- 0x5c: Use DP / USB event to enable the HD3SS560 instead of any plug event.
- 0x5e: GPIO 4 is transmit and receive (should not be needed)
- 0x5e: disable some misc config bits that are off in the examples too
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