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  • v0.2.0   Release 0.2.0
    4079d809 · Version 0.2.0 ·
    Release v0.2.0
       Version 0.2.0
        - 0x06: Bump customer use word
        - 0x28:
          - Port information: Drop try.Src - not needed and cofuses DR use
          - Type-C Current: Use weakest pullup - we only want to provide 500mA
            without a PD contract.
          - Over Voltage Protection Usage: Disconnect at trip point
          - Try.Src: Disable - wo have no interest in charging a laptop
          - Process Swap To Source: disable, we're a source initially
          - Process VCONN Swap: Disable, we're a VConn source initially
            and don't want to sink VConn
          - Initiate VCONN Swap: disable, we're a source initially if required.
          - Automatic Sink Capabilities Request: Disable, sink will make itself
            clear if necessary.
        - 0x33:
          - Limit number of sink PDOs to 1 (leaving 5V/3A)
          - Use 0.5/1/3A min/normal/max operating current
        - 0x37:
          - Autonegotiate Variable Sink Enable: disable, just support fixed
            sinks for now
          - Autonegotiate Battery Sink Enable: disable, just support fixed
            sinks for now
          - Offer priority: Choose highest current
          - Automatically Calculate Min Power Required: Disable
          - Minimum Power Required: 5W, that's enough as a start
  • v0.1.1   tps6598x 0.1.1
    11d67f2b · Version 0.1.1 ·
  • v0.1.0   tps6598x 0.1.0
    30e2d3b7 · Fix file name ·