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    Types: decouple TypeSet and TypeDescriptor · e9998468
    Niels De Graef authored
    We completely decouple TypeSet and TypeDescriptor and expose the former
    as a public class, so we can use it from outside. This means we don't
    necessarily need to fiddle with TreeIters if we know what we need from
    the TypeDescriptor. We also slit up VCardTypeMapping in a separate file,
    and put all the logic whether something matches or not as methods of
    that struct.
    This commit cleans up a lot of the mess in TypeSet. I'm afraid that
    means it's quite a large diff, but from now on, the code should be more
    decoupled than before, making changes at the very least bearable.
    There's also some more debug statements, which should help in case
    something goes wrong when running at one of our users.
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