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      httpclient: Style fixes · 5cab7b7f
      Debarshi Ray authored
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      httpclient: Make the GCancellable handling thread-safe · e9114fe4
      Debarshi Ray authored
      A GCancellable can be cancelled from a different thread than the one
      where the GTask for the goa_http_client_check operation was created.
      Since the GCancellable::cancelled handler is invoked in the same thread
      as the g_cancellable_cancel call, unguarded access to the GError in
      CheckData is unsafe.
      Instead of introducing a GMutex, the GError can be set in the response
      callback which is guaranteed to be invoked in the same thread where the
      GTask was created. Ensuring that the GError is always accessed from the
      same thread makes it considerably easier to reason about its state.
      eg., it can be guaranteed that it won't be set if the status of the
      response isn't SOUP_STATUS_CANCELLED.
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      httpclient: Ensure that the GTask is always cleaned up · 0476f2ed
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The synchronous variant of goa_http_client_check runs a thread-specific
      GMainContext until the asynchronous variant invokes its callback. Once
      the callback is invoked, the GMainLoop is quit. This means that there
      won't be any further iterations of the loop and no new GSources will
      be dispatched.
      Therefore, when the synchronous HttpClient gets aborted by the
      GCancellable or due to an SSL error, then the following
      http_client_check_response_cb might not be invoked due to the lack of
      a running GMainLoop to drive the GMainContext; as a result, the GTask
      will get leaked.
      Solve this by tracking the GError and returning the GTask only when
      everything is complete.
      This was fixed in commit 3b35bd71, but
      broke in commit 73242fa2 when porting
      to GTask.
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      ewsclient: Simplify the clean up · 730e84ac
      Debarshi Ray authored
      Now that the deprecated SoupSessionAsync has been replaced with
      SoupSession [1], the response callbacks are invoked in the next
      iteration of the main loop after soup_session_abort has returned. This
      means that ews_client_autodiscover_response_cb is no longer called
      from a GCancellable::cancelled signal handler. Therefore, it's safe to
      directly disconnect from the GCancellable in the response callback
      without fearing for any deadlocks.
      This reverts commit 07f13b1d.
      [1] Commit 6c3e3c2d