Commit 398cc639 authored by Petr Štětka's avatar Petr Štětka
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Added binary

parent 1da281f5
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ h_folder: /usr/include/libgtop-2.0
*translate: vala src/system-monitor.vala
*translate: vala src/process-list.vala
*translate: vala src/header-bar.vala
*translate: vala src/memory-graph-table.vala
*translate: vala src/network-sub-view.vala
*translate: vala src/cpu-graph.vala
*translate: vala src/performance-view.vala
......@@ -59,9 +60,8 @@ h_folder: /usr/include/libgtop-2.0
*translate: vala src/gnome-usage.vala
*translate: vala src/window.vala
*translate: vala src/view.vala
*translate: vala src/memory-graph-table.vala
*translate: vala src/disk-sub-view.vala
*translate: vala src/graph-switcher-button.vala
*translate: vala src/disk-sub-view.vala
*translate: vala src/memory-sub-view.vala
*translate: vala src/cpu-graph-table.vala
*translate: vala src/memory-graph.vala
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