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Document changes and release 3.30.0+540+git4804bca2-1pureos0

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gnome-usage (3.30.0+540+git4804bca-1pureos0) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Christopher Davis ]
* Retire app menu.
As per,
the application menu is being retired.
The application menu has been moved into a primary menu within
Usage, with "About" being changed to "About Usage".
Related to
[ Piotr Drąg ]
* Update
* Update Polish translation
* Update and POTFILES.skip
* Update Polish translation
* Update and POTFILES.skip
[ Daniel Mustieles ]
* Updated Spanish translation
* Updated Spanish translation
[ Kukuh Syafaat ]
* Update Indonesian translation
* Update Indonesian translation
[ Rafael Fontenelle ]
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
[ yodatak ]
* Add Flatpak build on the CI
* Simplify the build
* Update .gitlab-ci.yml
* Update .gitlab-ci.yml
* Simplyfy + Set the expiration to 7 days + remove args
[ Petr Štětka ]
* graphs: Remove rg and egg library
* graphs: Add custom vapi for libdazzle.
Actual/system version libdazzle vapi doesn't have methods like
get_iter_first, iter_next etc.. which we are using in
* graphs: Replace rg library with Dazzle library
* CI: Add libdazzle dependency.
We need libdazzle >= 3.30, so this commit update image to
Fedora 29 too.
* header-bar: Add filter processes button.
Add MenuButton to headerbar in performance tab for grouping system
processes or showing all processes.
* app-item: Add AppItem class for simplify SystemMonitor
* system-monitor: Simplify SystemMonitor
* quit-process-dialog: Simplify QuitProcessDialog according to backend
* process-row: Simplify ProcessRow according to backend
* process-list-box: Simplify ProcessListBox according to backend
* Remove unused files
* system-monitor: Add support for grouping system processes to backend
* gschema.xml: Add "system" to default unkillable processes
"system" representing app-item, which group all system processes
when are grouped. We don't want to allow the user to kill all system
* process-list-box: Update list-box when system-monitor notices
* Add action on activate group-system-processes radio button
* cpu-sub-view: Update showing list-box acording to backend state
* memory-sub-view: Update showing list-box acording to backend state
* primary-menu: Merge performance filter button and primary menu into one
* primary-menu: remove unused variable, it fix build warning
* DBus method FindUserById throws GLib.Error instead of GLib.IOError
* Remove unused code: graph-block and graph-block-row
* css: remove unused css code
[ Abderrahim Kitouni ]
* flatpak: build libdazzle
this is a new dependency added in cd5a5e388e06f03a85ae6ced3386b39c8719d538
[ Marek Cernocky ]
* Updated Czech translation
[ Anders Jonsson ]
* Update Swedish translation
[ Felipe Borges ]
* speedometer: Don't add GtkLabel twice to Speedometer.
Fixes #56
* icons: Update to new icon.
* Release 3.32.0.
Closes #61
[ Jiri Grönroos ]
* Update Finnish translation
[ Balázs Úr ]
* Update Hungarian translation
[ Fran Dieguez ]
* Update Galician translation
[ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
* Update Turkish translation
[ Ask Hjorth Larsen ]
* add da to LINGUAS
* Updated Danish translation
[ Nathan Follens ]
* Update Dutch translation
[ Gianvito Cavasoli ]
* Update Italian translation
(cherry picked from commit a9bb7bf062203a3387dd555927019f59ad825142)
* Update Italian translation
[ Fabio Tomat ]
* Update Friulian translation
[ Марко Костић ]
* Update Serbian translation
(cherry picked from commit 48a65e560b594c6eb16356e2c3c3497163141db8)
[ Asier Sarasua Garmendia ]
* Add Basque translation
(cherry picked from commit 7d7c543bf991a95177238ccdb9a0706757f84021)
[ Charles Monzat ]
* Update French translation
(cherry picked from commit ecc8b3d30d6c3b31f11c4fe2ad43a0af79d3cecb)
[ Rico Tzschichholz ]
* Constructors of abstract classes should not be public
[ Adrien Plazas ]
* debian: Add dependency on libdazzle-1.0 >= 3.30.0
* Add libhandy 0.0.10 dependency
* librem5: window: Drop the hardcoded minimum size
* performance-view: Replace the GtkPaned by a HdyLeaflet.
This makes the switcher hide itself if the window is too narrow, helping
the window to fit phone screens.
* storage-view: Replace the GtkPaned by a HdyLeaflet.
This makes the switcher hide itself if the window is too narrow, helping
the window to fit phone screens.
* librem5: storage-view: Hide the action bar
* performance-view: Use a HdyColumn.
This helps making the view adaptive.
* cpu-sub-view: Don't horizontally center.
This lets the HdyColumn do its job at handling the width.
* memory-sub-view: Don't horizontally center.
This lets the HdyColumn do its job at handling the width.
* cpu-sub-view: Don't hardcode the width.
This lets the HdyColumn do its job at handling the width.
* process-row: Don't hardcode the width.
This lets the HdyColumn do its job at handling the width.
* performance-view: Make the search bar adaptive.
Make the search bar a HdySearchBar to make it adaptive.
* performance-view: Set a minimum width to the content box.
Sets a sane minimum width to the content of the view so it can fold
before being too narrow.
* Add the speedometer-symbolic icon.
This will be used to represend the Performance page.
* application: Load icon resources.
This is needed to access the embedded icons.
* Add icons to the pages.
This makes the view switcher look better.
* Replace GtkHeaderBar by HdyHeaderBar.
This is needed to make the view switcher work well.
* Replace GtkStackSwitcher by HdyViewSwitcher.
This helps making the window adaptive.
* Add a HdyViewSwitcherBar
* header-bar: Hide the storage selection button.
We hide the action bar too so we don't want it.
* Add a HdySqueezer to move the view switcher to the bottom of the window
* header-bar: Ensure buttons are shown only in the right mode
* heaer-bar: Put the storage rescan button in a revealer.
This makes the button take just as much space even when it is hidden,
keeping the space allocated to the squeezer consistent.
* debian: Add the libhandy-0.0 >= 0.0.10 dependency
[ Guido Günther ]
* debian: Use gtherm
* Add initial thermal view.
Just thermal zone temperature for now, no cooling devices
* Add gitlab-ci
* Build-dep on tracker-sparql.
I wonder how this ever built before?
* Recommend gthd.
Thermal view is only useful with it.
-- Guido Günther <> Sat, 29 Feb 2020 17:17:04 +0100
gnome-usage (3.30.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Build-Depend on debhelper-compat 12 and drop debian/compat
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