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README: drop uboot explanation

 We build it via a separate repo
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......@@ -11,42 +11,12 @@ It supports various distributions (PureOS *byzantium* and *amber-phone*.
So to build an image with all the latest software you'd use:
./build-image -T latest -b devkit -d buster+ci
./build-image -b librem5r4 -d byzantium
or just issue
# Build u-boot
The script can build u-boots for a number of targets
* *devkit-recovery*: This is to boot the [Librem 5 Devkit][0] via SDP
* *devkit*: The [Librem 5 Devkit][0]
* *ec-som*: Emcraft's [i.MX 8M SOM Starter Kit][1]
* *imx8*: [NXPs IMX8M Evaluation Kit][2]
* *imx6*: The Bounday Devices [Nit6QP_MAX][3]
From the build directory invoke
cd build
./ -b devkit
# Creating a bootable SD card
This is only relevant for SD card booting on e.g. the Nitrogen or NXP
The SD card must be larger than 3G. Replace <x> with the SD card device.
sudo dd if=imx6.img of=/dev/sd<x> bs=4M
or a bit more verbose and using the compressed image
bin/write-image of=/dev/sd<x>
Note: All data on the SD card will be overwritten.
# Running the tests
You can run tests against an installed board using
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