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Release libhandy 0.80.0

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%global _vpath_srcdir %{name}
Name: libhandy
Version: 0.9.90
Version: 0.80.0
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: A library full of GTK widgets for mobile phones
libhandy (0.9.90) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
libhandy (0.80.0) amber-phone; urgency=medium
* Bump API version to 1.0.0
[ Guido Günther ]
* Bump API version to 1.0.0.
[ Adrien Plazas ]
* Release libhandy 0.80.0.
* meson: Don't allow to build as a static library.
* meson: Fix disabling the Glade catalog.
* meson: Separate public and private enums.
* doc: Add the Handy 0.0 to Handy 1 migration guide.
* Document CSS nodes and style classes.
* Rename HdyPaginator into HdyCarousel.
Aslo rename HdyPaginatorBox into HdyCarouselBox.
* Remove the deprecated widgets.
Remove HdyArrows, HdyDialer, HdyDialerButton, and HdyDialerCycleButton.
* Drop HdyDialog.
It was deemed not the right way to implement the features we want from it.
* Drop HdyFold.
It has been replaced by a boolean.
* Drop the hdy prefix from CSS node names.
This matches what Adwaita does and will help better blend with it.
* Drop UTF-8 string functions.
They were unused and are not core to what libhandy wants to offer.
* Add HdyViewSwitcherTitle.
A view switcher designed to be used as a window title.
* action-row: Widget overhaul.
Drop the ability to add widgets below, and remove the 'action' buildable
child type and hdy_action_row_add_action(), instead widgets are appended at
the end of the row.
Add the 'activated' signal, and automatically make the row activatable when
is is given an activatable widget.
Define the sizes with CSS, style the title and subtitle with CSS, and rename
the .row-header style class to .header.
* column: Add the .narrow, .medium and .wide style classes.
Allow to easily update style based on the column's clamping state.
* column: Ensure the column is at least as wide as its child.
* combo-row: Make it activatable when it has a bound model.
* combo-row: Popover style overhaul and add a checkmark to the selected row.
* expander-row: Widget overhaul.
Completely redesign the widget. Also prevent gtk_widget_show_all().
* flatpak: Update the example command name and drop useless build options.
* glade: Support Glade 3.36.
Make the catalog support both 3.24 and 3.36, and add a Glade+libhandy
flatpak manifest which uses glade 3.36.
* icons: Add hdy-expander-arrow-symbolic.
* leaflet: Add the .folded and .unfolded style classes.
Allow to easily update style based on the leaflet's fold state.
* leaflet: Default to the 'over' transition type.
This better match the expected behavior or a leaflet.
* leaflet: Avoid divisions by 0, don't implement the unused GtkBuildableIface
and drop the deprecated transition props and types.
* main: Automatically init libhandy.
Add a library constructor to init on startup and remove hdy_init().
Initialize the global styles and icons when the main loop starts.
* preferences-window: Add the 'search-enabled' property.
* preferences-window: Hide filtered-out rows.
* preferences-window: Use HdyViewSwitcherTitle.
* style: Style overhaul.
Use SASS to implement the styles, offer both a shared base theme used as
a fallback and an Adwaita-specific theme, and offer a dark variant.
Ship pre-compiled CSS and dynamically load it depending on the theme.
* style: Add the button.list-button CSS style class.
* style: Add the list.preferences CSS style class.
* swipe-tracker: Fix a leak in …_confirm_swipe().
* swipe-tracker: Use g_clear_pointer() where possible.
* view-switcher-bar: Document relation with HdyViewSwitcherTitle.
* view-switcher-bar: Don't reveal for less than two pages.
* debian: Use HdyKeypad in the Python GI test.
* examples: Add a dark theme toggle button.
* examples: Add a HdyDeck example.
* examples: Bind the switch-rows to their switches.
* examples: Don't set action rows as unactivatable.
* examples: Drop setting the header group focus.
* examples: Give its own header to the search bar demo.
* examples: Make the radio buttons non-focusable.
* examples: Make the resource path match the app ID.
* examples: Put the right header bar in a GtkStack.
* examples: Use HdyViewSwitcherTitle.
* examples: Use the button.list-button CSS style class.
* examples: Vertically align the radio buttons.
[ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]
* Add HdyDeck.
A swipeable container widget allowing to stack widgets.
* Add HdyNavigationDirection.
* Add HdyStackableBox.
A private object easing the implementation of HdyDeck and HdyLeaflet.
* Add HdyWindow.
A free-form window widget with rounded corners.
* Add HdyApplicationWindow.
A free-form application window widget with rounded corners.
* Add HdyWindowHandle.
A bin widget allowing to control a window like with a titlebar.
* Add HdyNothing.
A private empty widget, easing the implementation of free-form window types.
* Add HdyWindowMixin.
A private object easing the implementation of free-form window types.
* Add HdyWindowHandleController.
A private object allowing a widget to control a window like with a titlebar.
* action-row: Don't allow adding null prefixes, and implement remove().
* column: Queue resize after changing maximum width.
* expander-row: Fix forall(), and implement remove().
* glade: Properly support all public widgets and objects.
The glade catalog has been overhauled, fixing support of widgets and objects
already included in the catalog, and adding the newly added ones.
* gtk-window: Add hdy_gtk_window_get_state().
* header-bar: Add a window handle controller.
Also make it register its own window to get the needed events.
* header-bar: Remove some unused variables.
* Introduce hdy-cairo-private.h.
This helps automatically cleanup up Cairo objects.
* leaflet: Add a function for moving back/forward programmatically.
* leaflet: Allow hdy_leaflet_navigate() regardless of swipe properties.
* leaflet: Document visible child functions.
* leaflet: Fix hdy_leaflet_get_can_swipe_forward() docs and some typos.
* leaflet: Make HdyLeaflet a wrapper around HdyStackableBox.
* leaflet: Remove 'todo' vfunc.
* main: Don't use G_SOURCE_FUNC() macro.
* preferences-group: Implement remove().
* preferences-group: Subclass GtkBin instead of GtkBox.
* preferences-page: Implement remove() and forall().
* preferences-page: Subclass GtkBin instead of GtkScrolledWindow.
* preferences-window: Add .titlebar to the headerbar.
* preferences-window: Erase search terms after hiding search bar.
* preferences-window: Implement remove() and forall().
* preferences-window: Name signal callbacks _cb.
* preferences-window: Port to HdyWindow.
* preferences-window: Use crossfade transition.
* preferences-window: Use GDK_EVENT_* constants.
* preferences-window: Use gtk_search_entry_handle_event().
* shadow-helper: Don't set style context parent.
* stackable-box: Avoid use-after-free in remove().
* stackable-box: Check is visible child exists in folded mode
* stackable-box: Disconnect the signal handler after removing a child
* stackable-box: Fix a typo in a comment
* stackable-box: Only count allow-visible=true children for index
* stackable-box: Only hide last visible child when folded
* stackable-box: Remove an extra line in a doc comment
* stackable-box: Skip mode transitions for deck
* stackable-box: Unset last_visible_child after removing or hiding
* swipeable: Use HdyNavigationDirection for begin_swipe() direction
* swipe-tracker: Fix crash in confirm_swipe().
* swipe-tracker: Reject drags in window's draggable areas.
* view-switcher: Extend bin instead of box.
* view-switcher-title: Unset stack before destroying.
* glade: List all the missing public widgets.
List HdyApplicationWindow, HdyAvatar, HdyDeck, HdyKeypad,
HdyViewSwitcherTitle, HdyWindow, and HdyWindowHandle.
* example: Add a HdyWindow demo.
* example: Add .titlebar to all headerbars.
* example: Don't leave an empty autoptr declaration.
* example: Fix a typo on the HdyWindow page.
* example: Fix leaflet/deck typos.
* example: Make the "Go to the next page" row activatable.
* example: Port main window to HdyApplicationWindow.
* example: Port view switcher window to HdyWindow.
* example: Stop using "fold" HdyLeaflet property.
* example: Use a menu model for primary menu.
* example: Use HdyDeck in complex dialog demo.
* example: Use hdy_leaflet_navigate() for back button and clicking rows.
[ Ujjwal Kumar ]
* preferences-window: Cancel search from keyboard.
* Return GtkWidget* with _new().
* Coding style fixes.
* doc: Tell about widget constructor changes.
* example: Resize demo window.
* example: Replace deprecated Dialer with Keypad in
* example: Add some spacing between widgets.
[ Julian Sparber ]
* Add HdyAvatar.
A widget to visually represent a contact.
[ Felix Pojtinger ]
* doc: Add macOS build instructions.
[ louib ]
* Fix acknowledge typo in build doc.
* Adding new example apps using libhandy.
[ Alberto Fanjul ]
* glade: Adapt to Glade 3.36 API changes.
-- Guido Günther <> Tue, 21 Jan 2020 10:49:54 +0100
-- Adrien Plazas <> Tue, 19 May 2020 09:45:02 +0200
libhandy (0.0.13) amber-phone; urgency=medium
......@@ -14,6 +14,17 @@ libhandy-1-0 #MINVER#
hdy_action_row_set_subtitle@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_set_title@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_set_use_underline@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_application_window_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_application_window_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_get_show_initials@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_get_size@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_get_text@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_set_image_load_func@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_set_show_initials@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_set_size@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_avatar_set_text@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_carousel_box_animate@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_carousel_box_get_distance@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_carousel_box_get_n_pages@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
......@@ -117,6 +128,7 @@ libhandy-1-0 #MINVER#
hdy_expander_row_set_use_underline@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_get_enable_animations@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.11
hdy_gtk_window_get_icon_for_size@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_gtk_window_get_state@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_gtk_window_toggle_maximized@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_header_bar_get_centering_policy@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_header_bar_get_custom_title@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
......@@ -188,6 +200,8 @@ libhandy-1-0 #MINVER#
hdy_lerp@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.11
hdy_list_box_separator_header@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_navigation_direction_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.9.9
hdy_nothing_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_nothing_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_preferences_group_add_preferences_to_model@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_group_get_description@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_group_get_title@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
......@@ -208,8 +222,10 @@ libhandy-1-0 #MINVER#
hdy_preferences_row_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_row_set_title@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_row_set_use_underline@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_window_get_search_enabled@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_preferences_window_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_window_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.10
hdy_preferences_window_set_search_enabled@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_search_bar_connect_entry@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_search_bar_get_search_mode@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
hdy_search_bar_get_show_close_button@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.0.6
......@@ -367,3 +383,16 @@ libhandy-1-0 #MINVER#
hdy_view_switcher_title_set_subtitle@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_view_switcher_title_set_title@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_view_switcher_title_set_view_switcher_enabled@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_handle_controller_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_handle_controller_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_handle_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_handle_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_add@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_buildable_add_child@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_draw@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_forall@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_get_type@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_mixin_remove@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
hdy_window_new@LIBHANDY_1_0 0.80.0
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