libhandy 0.0.10

[ Adrien Plazas ]

  • .editorconfig: Add CSS
  • arrows: Refresh HdyArrowsDirection docs. This moves the HdyArrowsDirection documentation to the C file and removes the final period from the values definitions, like for all other enums documentations.
  • docs: Add section for new symbols in 0.0.10
  • view-switcher: Fix stack children callbacks. This fixes the callbacks when a child is added or removed from the view switcher's stack.
  • view-switcher-button: Make an active button's label bold. This makes the view switcher easier to read. It uses multiple labels with or without the specific style rather than a single label with the style toggled on and off to ensure the size requests don't change depending on whether the button is active or not.
  • leaflet: Synchronize paired notifications. This ensures users can't react to a visible child change notification or a fold change notification before we finish emitting all related notifications.
  • Add HdySqueezer. This can be used to automatically hide a widget like a HdyViewSwitcher in a header bar when there is not enough space for it and show a title label instead. Fixes #100
  • examples: Use a HdySqueezer. Use a HdySqueezer in the view switcher window to show either the view switcher in the header bar, or a window title and a view switcher bar depending on the window's width.
  • view-switcher-button: Allow to elipsize in narrow mode. This will be used to let HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
  • view-switcher: Allow to elipsize in narrow mode. This will be used to let HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
  • view-switcher-bar: Ellipsize in narrow mode. This lets HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
  • view-switcher-button: Use buttons borders in size. When computing the size of the button, take the button's border into account. Fixes #108
  • view-switcher-bar: Sort properties by alphabetical order. This fixes a code style error and will avoid to propagate it as the file gets edited.
  • view-switcher-bar: Add margins. Add margings around the view switcher to better match the mockups.
  • view-switcher: Define a minimum natural width. This prevents the buttons from looking terribly narrow in a wide bar by making them request a minimum good looking natural size.
  • Add HdyPreferencesRow. This will be used as the base row for the preferences window, offering data needed to search a preference entry.
  • action-row: Extend HdyPreferencesRow. This allows to use HdyActionRow and its derivatives as preferences rows.
  • Add HdyPreferencesGroup. This will be used to group preferences rows as a coherent group in a preferences page.
  • Add HdyPreferencesPage. This will be used to group preferences as pages in a preferences window.
  • Add HdyPreferencesWindow. This allows to easily create searchable preferences windows. Fixes #101
  • examples: Add a HdyPreferencesWindow example
  • Add private GtkWindow functions. Add the private GtkWindow functions _gtk_window_toggle_maximized() and gtk_window_get_icon_for_size() which will be used in the next commit by HdyHeaderBar.
  • Add HdyHeaderBar. Fork GtkHeaderBar to help fixing shortcomings caused by adaptive designs or coming from GtkHeaderBar itself as features are not accepted into GTK 3 anymore. Fixes #102
  • examples: Use HdyHeaderBar in the View Switcher page. This correctly centers the view switcher and demoes HdyHeaderBar.
  • view-switcher: Recommend to use a HdyHeaderBar. This will help users of HdyViewSwitcher to know how to make it look good in a header bar.
  • examples: Drop un unused signal connection. This avoids a run time warning.
  • docs: Add images for HdyViewSwitcher and HdyViewSwitcherBar
  • preferences-window: Strictly center the header bar. This makes the header bar's widgets look better by ensuring they are always centered, even if it means they will be narrower.
  • conbo-row: Make the popover relative to the arrow. Consistently point to the arrow rather than sometimes to the arrow and sometimes to the invisible box containing the current value.
  • combo-row: Add HdyComboRowGetName. Replace HdyComboRowCreateLabelData by HdyComboRowGetName and keep a reference to in the combo row to allow accessing it externally. It will be needed to automatically handle converting the value into a name to display as the subtitle of the row.
  • combo-row: Add the use-subtitle property. Allow to display the current value as the subtitle rather than at the end of the row. Fixes #95
  • header-bar: Render margins and borders. Fixes #121

[ Zander Brown ]

  • Add HdyViewSwitcherButton. This will be used in the next commit by HdyViewSwitcher.
  • Add HdyViewSwitcher. This more modern and adaptive take on GtkStackSwitcher helps building adaptive UIs for phones. Fixes #64
  • Add HdyViewSwitcherBar. This action bar offers a HdyViewSwitcher and is designed to be put at the bottom of windows. It is designed to be revealed when the header bar doesn't have enough room to fit a HdyViewSwitcher, helping the windows to reach narrower widths.
  • examples: Add the View Switcher page. This example presents a HdyViewSwitcher and a HdyViewSwitcherBar in their own window. Currently both are visible at the same time, a later commit should make only one visible at a time, depending on the available width.

[ Aearil ]

  • Update components list for the external projects in the README

[ Mohammed Sadiq ]

  • dialog: Fix typos in documentation
  • demo-window: Fix typo in property name

[ Oliver Galvin ]

  • Change GTK+ to GTK
  • Fix a few typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Expand the visual overview. Add more widgets and a comparison of HdyDialog

[ Guido Günther ]

  • Release libhandy 0.0.10
    • Properly end emphasis
    • Document extra space after function calls
  • ci improvements
    • Split doc build to different stage
    • Split out unit tests to different stage
    • Drop coverage on Fedora. It's not evaulated anyway
    • Split out build commands
    • Drop tests from static build
    • Move Debian package to packaging stage
  • gitlab-ci: Archive the build debs
  • HdyArrows:
    • Fix obvious documentation errors
    • Only redraw widget if visible
    • Don't emit notify signals on unchanged properties
    • Redraw arrows on property changes
  • HdyDemoWindow: Don't schedule arrow redraws
  • Add suppression for ASAN
  • tests-dialer: cleanups
  • HdyDialer: Make show_action_buttons match the initial property default