libhandy 0.0.12

libhandy (0.0.12) amber-phone; urgency=medium

[ Zander Brown ]

  • build: Don't install glade catalogue when used as submodule

[ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

  • swipe-tracker: Grab widget during the gesture
  • swipe-tracker: Animate when canceled. There are some cases where not animating the canceled gesture looks awkward. For example, when tapping a paginator while it animates.
  • swipe-tracker: Don't add GDK_ALL_EVENTS_MASK. That was a debugging leftover.
  • header-group: Fix a leftover GtkSizeGroup mention
  • paginator: Delegate hdy_paginator_scroll_to() to scroll_to_full() This will help to avoid duplicating code in later commits.
  • paginator-box: Add hdy_paginator_box_get_nth_child()
  • doc: Add 0.0.12 index
  • Add HdySwipeable. A common interface that swipeable widgets should implement and that HdySwipeGroup and HdySwipeTracker will use.
  • paginator: Implement HdySwipeable
  • swipe-tracker: Port to HdySwipeable. Use a HdySwipeable instead of GtkWidget. Remove 'begin', 'update' and 'end' signals and instead call HdySwipeable methods.
  • Add HdySwipeGroup. An object that allows to synchronize swipe animations of multiple widgets. This can be used to sync widgets between headerbar and window content area.
  • tests: Add HdySwipeGroup test
  • glade: Support HdySwipeGroup. Do the same thing as for HdyHeaderGroup.
  • leaflet: Fix the folding sliding children padding. Sets the children padding of the folding sliding animation depending on the surface they'll be drawn on. This doesn't change a thing for the sliding animation, but this will avoid the children to be moved when snapshotting them, which is needed for the over and under animations — which will be added in the next commit — to work correctly.
  • leaflet: Only clip visible area during transitions. Adjust width and height of the clip rectangle to avoid drawing areas outside of the widget.
  • Introduce HdyShadowHelper. This will be used in the following commits to add shadows to HeyLeaflet transitions.
  • leaflet: Dim bottom children during transitions. Draw a dimming layer and a drop shadow over bottom child during 'over' and 'under' mode and child transitions. The dimming, shadow and border styles are defined in CSS. The current style is based on the similar animation in WebKit.
  • swipe-tracker: Reduce base distance for vertical swipes. Use 300px instead of 400px, otherwise it can be hard to use on small touchpads.
  • paginator-box: Adjust index when removing pages. Prevent jumping when removing pages to the left of the current one.
  • paginator: Support discrete scrolling. Support scrolling on devices like mice. Switch a page when a scroll event arrives and add a delay to prevent too fast scrolling. Use animation duration as a delay, but don't let it go below 250ms, mainly to ensure it still works with animations disabled. Fixes #155
  • swipe-tracker: Stop handling trackpoint. Handle it like discrete scrolling instead.
  • leaflet: Mention replacements in deprecations. Have more useful warnings.
  • leaflet: Mark child-transition and mode-transition as deprecated. Properties are deprecated too, not just accessors.
  • leaflet: Ignore deprecations for transition type acccessor declarations. Since enums are deprecated now, these declarations trigger warnings in modules that use libhandy. Since these functions are already deprecated anyway, silence these warnings.
  • deprecation-macros: Stop referencing nonexistent macros. G_DEPRECATED_* and G_DEPRECATED_*_FOR aren't a thing.
  • swipe-tracker: Make dragging touch-only. Since HdyPaginator has mouse scrolling now, there's no need to have dragging available on non-touch devices, so drop it.
  • paginator-box: Wrap children into child info structs. This will allow to carry additional data for them later.
  • paginator-box: Put children into their own GdkWindows. This allows to stop doing size allocation on each frame, and will allow to implement drawing cache in the next commit.
  • paginator-box: Implement drawing cache. Keep a Cairo surface for each child. Paint children onto their surfaces, then compose the final image. Instead of painting the whole children, track invalidations and paint only changed parts. This means most paginator redraws don't involve any child redraws. This should significantly speed up scrolling when children are expensive to draw.
  • paginator-box: Add animation-stopped signal. This will be used in the next commit to add page-changed signal to HdyPaginator.
  • paginator: Add page-changed signal. Allows to know when the current page has changed, this can be used to implement "infinite scrolling" by connecting to this signal and amending the pages.
  • leaflet: Allocate last visible child during child transitions. Fixes one cause of #85
  • keypad: Immediately assign g_autoptrs to NULL. Avoid compile-time warnings.
  • paginator-box: Create window with correct dimensions. It doesn't matter because it gets overridden later, but still fix it.
  • example: Remove leftover adjustments. See aa7a4eca
  • paginator-box: Fix hdy_paginator_box_get_nth_child() Return the actual widget, not child info struct. A leftover from 710bcaac
  • leaflet: Use provided duration for child transitions. Actually use the value from the function argument.
  • swipeable: Provide swipe direction when preparing. This will allow to restrict the swipe to only one direction for leaflet.
  • swipeable: Distinguish direct and indirect swipes. Add "direct" parameter to hdy_paginator_begin_swipe() and the corresponding vfunc, providing a way to tell apart swipes started via HdySwipeGroup sync. This will be used to have leaflet in headerbar that's not swipeable, but can still animate along with leaflet in content area.
  • swipe-tracker: Skip swipes in wrong direction. Prevent swiping if the direction doesn't match tracker orientation. This allows to have GtkScrolledArea inside or around swipeable widgets without swipes taking over scrolling.
  • leaflet: Add allow-visible child property. This will be used to prevent swiping to widgets such as separators.
  • leaflet: Add properties for controlling swipes. This will allow to selectively enable back and/or forward swipes for HdyLeaflet. By default swipes are disabled.
  • leaflet: Implement back/forward swipe gesture. Implement HdySwipeable and use HdySwipeTracker to detect back/forward swipes. Use can-swipe-back and can-swipe-forward properties for controlling swipes, and use allow-visible child property to exclude certain widgets, such as separators, from the gesture. Multiple leaflets can be synced via HdySwipeGroup.
  • example: Enable back swipe in the leaflet. Set can-swipe-back=true on the content leaflet, allow-visible=false for separators and use HdySwipeGroup for syncing leaflets rather than binding visible child name.
  • leaflet: Queue relayout after child transition ends. Prevents close button from occasionally disappearing after swipes.
  • swipe-tracker: Add 'allow-mouse-drag' property
  • paginator: Add 'allow-mouse-drag' property. Usually we don't want this, because there's scrolling. However, phosh still needs this for lockscreen, hence optionally allow it.
  • paginator-box: Register window before setting parent. Prevents newly created widgets from reusing parent's window. Fixes a regression from e6a47749 Fixes #165
  • swipeable: Fix signal names for docs
  • swipe-group: Don't escape tag names for docs
  • leaflet: Deprecate old transition type properties. They did already have the deprecated flag, but weren't shown as deprecated in docs.
  • Update @See_also for swipeable widgets. Mention HdyLeaflet in HdySwipeable, HdySwipeGroup and HdySwipeTracker.

[ louib ]

  • Fix typo in README.
  • Remove casts requiring increased alignment. Some casts were increasing the required alignment in callbacks, raising warnings when compiled on arm with gcc.

[ Guido Günther ]

  • Add deprecation macros. The macros are libhandy internal (should not be used in application code) and are as such marked with a '_'. This also makes gtk-doc happy since it treats it as a public symbol otherwise.
  • Deprecate all hdy-dialer{-cycle}-button api. It's considered HdyDialer internal API
  • HdyDialer: Remove excessive '*'
  • build: Install new header file. Fixes: ac94e649
  • Release libhandy 0.0.12

[ Adrien Plazas ]

  • leaflet: Clip children when drawing unfolded. This will clip children to ensure they don't get drawn on or under the visible child, which will allow to create mode transition animations where other children appear to be drawn under the visible child.
  • leaflet: Clip the end surface when drawing folded. This will clip the end surface to ensure it doesn't get drawn on or under the visible child, which will allow to create mode transition animations where other children appear to be drawn under the visible child.
  • leaflet: Add the over and under mode transition animations. This allows the mode transition animation to match the semantic of the over and under child transitions.
  • leaflet: Unify the transition types. Add the HdyLeafletTransitionType enumeration and the transition-type property to define both the mode and child transitions, as having them different makes no sense and could lead to spatialization issues. This new type doesn't offer a crossfade transition on purpose as it was deemed inappropriate for the leaflet, for which the position of the children is inherently important. This also deprecates the two previous properties and their respective types. Fixes #92.
  • leaflet: Remove the over and under mode transitions. There is no point in adding enum values and deprecating them in the same version, so let's just remove them. The animations are still available via the newly added HdyLeafletTransitionType type and the transition-type property, so this also encourages migrating to the new API.
  • examples: Add a Leaflet page. This adds a page to demo the leaflet transitions, drops usage of the deprecated leaflet transition types and properties, and defaults to the 'over' transition to demo it and its shadow effect.
  • Deprecate HdyArrows. As far as we know, nothing uses it anymore and it's not part of our latest designs. Fixes #126.
  • examples: Drop the Arrows page. HdyArrows is now deprecated, so we don't want to promote it.
  • leaflet: Drop some old TODOs. We just don't need them anymore.
  • leaflet: Add Alexander Mikhaylenko's copyright. His work on this class is far from negligeable, let's reflect that in the copyright.
  • view-switcher-button: Fix the action bar hover style. This makes the buttons out of a header bar slightly lighter when hovered and the window is focused. Previously they were the same color as the unfocused buttons and the action bar, making them look less good and harder to use. Fixes #147.

[ Julian Sparber ]

  • Keypad: Add a general keypad. This is based on HdyDialer, but with more flexible API. The new Keypad allows to set a custom Widget to the left/right lower corner, replacing the original widget. The Keypad extents directly GtkGrid which exposes all grid properties. It also allows to replace/change every button in the Keypad, just like in GtkGrid. It also adds a GtkEntry which can be used as the focus widget, it has the key-press-event already connected and it grabs focus once it's mapped. The Entry isn't part of the keypad, it's just a convenienced way to create a Entry, you would expect to use with a keypad.
  • Tests: add keypad tests
  • Docs: add docs and demo for keypad
  • Dialer: deprecate hdydialer
  • HdyDialer: Remove it from the demo. Remove the dialer from the demo since it's deprecated.
  • HdyDialer: Deprecate objects related to dialer. HdyDialerButton, HdyDialerCycleButton and HdyDialer objects where not deprecated, only there methods were.

[ Oliver Galvin ]

  • README: minor punctuation fixes, and update Fractal URL to GNOME namespace
  • docs: Consistently use full sentences in short descriptions.
  • docs: Add sections about building and bundling to the 'Compiling with libhandy' page, and generally tidy the page. * docs: Update copyright year range.
  • meson: fix configure-time warning - Use the 'pie' kwarg instead of passing '-fpie' manually. Also bump Meson to 0.49.0, when the pie kwarg was added.
  • meson: Tidy build files. Use / operator (added in Meson 0.49.0) instead of join_paths. Use package_api_name variable to avoid repetition.
  • style: Remove odd tabs as per 'Coding Style' in, and fix typo.

[ Ting-Wei Lan ]

  • keypad: Fix compilation error for clang. Function hdy_keypad_button_get_digit is declared to return 'char' in src/hdy-keypad-button-private.h but defined to return 'const char' in src/hdy-keypad-button.c. This is not allowed by clang. Since it is unusual to mark a return value itself as const, just drop const here.

-- Guido Günther Thu, 12 Dec 2019 09:49:04 +0100