libhandy 0.0.3

[ Adrien Plazas ]

  • New HdyTitleBar widget. This coupled with a transparent headerbar background can work around graphical glitches when animation header bars in a leaflet.
  • column: Add the linear-growth-width property
  • glade: Fix the generic name of HdyArrows
  • flatpak: Switch the runtime of the example to master.
  • column: Add a missing break statement.
  • leaflet: Hide children on transition end only when folded.
  • leaflet: Init mode transition positions to the final values.
  • example: Always show a close button.
  • example: Load custom style from CSS resource
  • example: Draw the right color for sidebar separators.
  • example: Use separators to separate the panels.
  • leaflet: Start the child transition only when folded.

[ Christopher Davis ]

  • Add HdyColumn to libhandy.xml for glade.

[ Heather Ellsworth ]

  • Add issue template

[ Jordan Petridis ]

  • leaflet: initialize a variable.

[ Guido Günther ]

  • HdyButton: Chain up to parent on finalize
  • gitlab-ci: Fail on compile warnings
  • meson: Warn about possible uninitialized variables
  • HdyLeaflet: Fix two uninitialized variables
  • Update list of compiler warnings from phosh and fix the fallout.