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    glade: Update catalog dtd · 3e952327
    Alexander Mikhaylenko authored
    The dtd file is very old and doesn't match gtk+.xml from glade gtk plugin.
    Update it so that the future additions pass verification.
    Add add-child-verify-function, add-child-function, remove-child-function,
    replace-child-function, child-action-activate-function,
    get-property-function, verify-function, special-child-type and
    packing-actions to glade-widget-class element definition.
    Additionally define add-child-verify-function,
    child-action-activate-function, get-property-function, special-child-type,
    and packing-actions elements.
    For packing-action, define action element and attributes.
    Define and add displayable-values to property definition.
    Remove parameter-spec's duplicate "paremter-spec" and add min child,
    along with its definition.
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