1. 12 Apr, 2022 1 commit
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      udev: add rules to reload the vcnl4000 driver on any one hks-on · 75739c51
      Martin Kepplinger authored and Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther committed
      the light sensor is being cut off when wwan-hks, wlan-hks and camera-hks
      are being switched off. it's powered again when only one of these 3
      hks are being switched on again - any one of them.
      Since I couldn't come up with a simple rule that does such an "OR"
      relationship, this runs a script on every HKS on-switching. That
      script then checks whether only 1 or 2 rfkill devices are unblocked
      (the wifi HKS or the camera/mic HKS each unblock 2 rfkill devices).
      In that case, it reloads the vcnl4000 driver to make illuminance and
      proximity values work again.
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      ucm2: Librem_5: create a first working profile for the external mic · fa6e1350
      Martin Kepplinger authored
      the settings are all based on a discussion with Charles:
      Currently we don't get any signal from the external mic. These settings
      result in at least a usable signal (we can try to further improve later).
      There are 3 Volume controls for the analog parts, all before the ADC.
      In order from Jack to ADC, they are:
      numid=10,iface=MIXER,name='Capture Volume'
         ; type=INTEGER,access=rw---R--,values=2,min=0,max=63,step=0
         : values=63,63
         | dBscale-min=-23.25dB,step=0.75dB,mute=0
      "Input PGA Volume Control". 31=0dB. We use 39=+6dB.
      numid=7,iface=MIXER,name='MIXINR PGA Volume'
         ; type=INTEGER,access=rw---R--,values=1,min=0,max=7,step=0
         : values=7
         | dBrange-
             | dBscale-min=0.00dB,step=6.00dB,mute=0
             | dBscale-min=13.00dB,step=13.00dB,mute=0
             | dBscale-min=18.00dB,step=2.00dB,mute=0
             | dBscale-min=24.00dB,step=0.00dB,mute=0
             | dBscale-min=27.00dB,step=3.00dB,mute=0
      "Right input PGA to Right input Boost-Mixer Gain"
      0=0dB. we use 1=+3dB.
      numid=8,iface=MIXER,name='MIXINR IN3R Volume'
        ; type=INTEGER,access=rw---R--,values=1,min=0,max=7,step=0
        : values=6
        | dBscale-min=-15.00dB,step=3.00dB,mute=0
      we don't use that since we can either route from PGA or IN3R to MIXINR.
      ("quotes" are from the datasheet)
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      Revert "base-defaults: disable system suspend and hibernation" · d920f08d
      Martin Kepplinger authored
      This reverts commit 697a7420 that
      disabled system sleep like "systemctl suspend" via systemd since
      the kernel had not supported it (The system would in most cases
      suspend, but never be able to resume).
      Since kernel version 5.16.3pureos1 the kernel supports resuming
      from suspend so people can at least start to do tests.
      So this simply *allows* to test system sleep via systemd. It doesn't
      change any default behaviour.
      Keep in mind that
       * there can still be bugs around suspend and resume in general.
         Let's find them together.
       * System suspend means that no data connection is kept alive:
         No receiving of email, xmpp and so on.
       * While the goal is that cellular calls and SMS would wake up
         the system and work normally, that is currently disabled
         on many of the shipped modems. We're working on it and Linux
         supports it already.
       * All policies how to "transparently" use suspend in the future
         are open questions, see for example
       * Compared to "display off standby" we currently have (using runtime pm),
         we can say that system suspend will always save power. How much though
         is highly dependent on what is running and enabled on the system:
         - If the modem is enabled, it stays enabled and can use quite some power
           depending on signal strength. That would *reduce* the amount of power saved.
         - If there are applications running, they will be freezed during
           system suspend, so more open applications would *increase* power saved.
  11. 15 Feb, 2022 1 commit
    • Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras's avatar
      Add gnss-share · e4e98ecb
      Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras authored
      It helps getting an initial fix by loading/storing the almanac
      and provides a unix socket to be used by geoclue.
  12. 08 Feb, 2022 1 commit
  13. 07 Feb, 2022 2 commits
    • Martin Kepplinger's avatar
      ucm2: set Input Mode to Analog for the external mic · 6ab99ad9
      Martin Kepplinger authored
      While the profile for the external microphone is not yet working
      as intende, one thing that definitely is needed, is setting
      "Input Mode" to Analog. Do this.
    • Martin Kepplinger's avatar
      ucm2: set new Input Mode control for the digital mic · f3a20224
      Martin Kepplinger authored
      As of kernel version 5.16.7pureos1 our codec has the "Input Mode"
      control that can be "Analog" and "Digital".
      To make sure the internal mic is enable as it has been before,
      add the Input Mode setting to the profiles' enable sequence.
      Using this new control doesn't work on older kernels, so add
      a Breaks dependency for the Debian packages.
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  16. 26 Dec, 2021 1 commit
    • Guido Gunther's avatar
      osk-wayland: Don't use squeekboard-restyled · 03ac7ad9
      Guido Gunther authored
      Squeekboard as of 1.15.0 is clever enough to do the right thing when run
      with Phosh and not using squeekboard-restyled unbreaks HighContrast.
      We keep this layer of indirection for the moment to avoid yet another
      phosh release and will switch to what Debian does for its session
      (using sm.puri.Squeekboard directly) with the next or next next phosh
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  21. 30 Nov, 2021 1 commit
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      base-defaults: disable system suspend and hibernation · 697a7420
      Martin Kepplinger authored
      deep sleep / suspend to ram is not yet available (via ATF/uboot) so will
      take us a while to support.
      s2idle ("freeze") is the prerequirement and what we're working towards in
      the kernel. Until that at least does not cleanly resume, configure
      systemd not to do system suspend at all.
      This fixes users suspending the system (via a GUI) and having to reset
      the phone manually, since now suspend to ram is configured.
      Also, the configuration for s2idle is prepared so that it's obvious what
      our goal is now.
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